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Issue: Dec 2012

December 2012

Sigh! It is yet again that time of the year when you look back and exclaim to yourself: where did the year go?! Being electronically wired has reduced our awareness of time—a year now seems like just a few months. There was a time when we mapped our dreams, giving ourselves a few years for its fruition; today it seems dinosaurous to not meet your targets in a few months. Impatience rules our lives as we struggle under an avalanche of information and strain relentlessly to catch up with the super-fast innovation of technology, where yesterday’s invention is considered the equivalent of Graham Bell’s telephone instrument.

Which is why it is reassuring to meet an iconic superstar like Amitabh Bachchan—four decades of acting have not dimmed his passion to conquer new frontiers or his restlessness to attempt difficult characters in his movies. He is appreciative but not intimidated by new-age movie-makers or technology. Big B is the brand ambassador not just of Bollywood but of how life should be lived at every point. In fact, I suspect the icon can still teach the younger lot, who think they know it all, a trick or two. He has fast-tracked into the information age and is the most wired celebrity in India. When he walked into the Hi! shoot, after tearing our eyes off him, we could not stop staring at his slick Italian shoes, almost straight off a Milan catwalk. Truth be told: Mr Bachchan, all of 70 years, is even today the coolest, hippest star the Indian movie industry has ever seen.

We give you our annual offering—a delicious, information-packed selection of Goa stories for all you party revellers headed in that direction. Where to stay, eat, party, carouse and some typically Goan vignettes for those who care to delve deeper into this beautiful state, beyond just the party fun it offers. Some beautiful princesses find their way into our pages. But far from living a lotus-eater’s life and sleeping on feathered beds, they are hardworking, career-oriented women. We welcome India’s new age princesses.

A Merry Christmas to all of you! Happy Reading

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This article first appeared in December 2012 issue of Hi! BLITZ magazine

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