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Issue: Feb 2013

February 2013

We head into Valentine this month all ready to be engulfed in a sea of pink hearts and red roses, buffed by passionate declarations with images of diamonds and champagne, seduced by pictures of romantic getaways and candlelight dinners. As a diehard romantic, I really do not see why there is such a cultural fuss about celebrating Valentine’s Day in India. The institution of love deserves its own day and Lord Krishna, the cosmic wooer, would have approved.

We get into a Valentine froth with pretty damsel Jacqueline Fernandez, not your regular Bollywood aggressive glamazon—in fact, rather sweet, well behaved, winsome and genteel (does that work in the movie industry anymore?!). She’s the Valentine girl a man would secretly adore. The actor’s ready to give it all up for love (again, does that work in romance anymore?!) and be the traditional wife. Till then, Jacqueline’s happy steaming up the screen, as she did so effectively in the movie, Race 2.

If you are a twitterati as I am, you will need no introduction to the clever tweeps we have featured in this issue. Some are my personal favourites on this social networking website and yours too, without doubt. We volley some cheeky questions at them and they don’t disappoint. (Statutory warning: Please skip if easily shocked).

Italian fashion maestro, Roberto Cavalli, the man who created the post-modern image of the strong woman revelling in her sexuality, was in India to launch his fabulous brand. An enduring favourite of divas like Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham, Hi! Blitz brought him in close proximity with desi girl Sonam Kapoor and chatted with him about his influences as he wooed her with his legendary flamboyance. He opined that an economically faltering Italy could do with a Mahatma Gandhi right now. Interesting, a couturier with strong political views. Happy Reading!

Shalini Sharma


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This article first appeared in February 2013 issue of Hi! BLITZ magazine

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