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Issue: Jan 2013

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Wishing you all a wonderful, fabulous 2013. The world did not end (the Mayans seemed to have gone a bit off there!) and we are now free and alive to chart out a great year ahead.

I write this with pictures of peaceful student protestors being tear-gassed at the heart of India’s power zone. It is a searing sight watching defenceless people scramble to safety, only to return with even more vigour. The world around us appears to be unravelling, but the truth is that it is merely cleansing itself—of indifference, lethargy and cynicism.

Things are changing in Bollywood too. The infamous camp system is giving way to professionalism. While the youth battle on the streets to find a change, the younger lot of the movie industry have already set the pace. Imran Khan has become the refreshing face of Bollywood that does not carry the baggage of the past and is determined to reset the rules here. He is untouched by loyalties and signs on the dotted line only when he’s convinced about the quality of talent he is dealing with. Hi! meets the young star in his ancestral home that he touchingly considers a memorial dedicated to his illustrious family.

Big fat Indian weddings are all around us and brides are in a tizzy striving to make this, sartorially, the most memorable day of their lives. Hi! brings you the best that India has to offer in terms of gorgeous ensembles and dazzling jewellery. If you are a bride, your search ends here.

Mills & Boon in my days only had Greek men as heroes. All that has changed now. Hi! meets three Indian ladies who have penned some steamy novels using Indian protagonists as the main cast. For romance novel fans, this is almost like, er, rediscovering the cute boy-next-door.

If Bollywood is chock-a-blocked with family members acting with each other, theatre is not far behind. We meet three unusual theatre pairings and ask them how the equations at home undergo a change on stage.

Lots more packed in to kick-start the year. Happy Reading!

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This article first appeared in January 2013 issue of Hi! BLITZ magazine

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