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Issue: Nov 2012

November 2012

Hi Reader, The festive season rings itself in with its customary flamboyance: oodles of OTT clothes, sweets, crackers, cards, music, dancing, drinking. There is nothing remotely discreet or restrained about the desi way of celebrating Diwali and thank god for that. Diwali worships at the altar of aplenty and the joie de vivre of this festival is always so headily infectious.

For me, the best part about Diwali is dressing up in heavy finery and then lighting diyas all over the house. It is always an emotional moment as I have watched my mother do it as a child and now the privilege is bestowed upon me. The Lakshmi puja is also beautiful as we thank the goddess for her bounty and blessings, for giving us a good life. Followed by a grand extended family party where the youngest generation gather to blow up crackers by the dozens and drive the older generation nuts in the process. What unmitigated fun this festival is! I absolutely adore Diwali.

It is also a beautiful month for Hi! to celebrate its 8th year in existence. Eight years of unabated stress and joy, creativity and calculation, ignorance and wisdom, stumbling and winning. When one looks at the enormous strides made by the magazine, I feel truly blessed to have had this opportunity to have helped create this product and nurtured it to its success today.

This issue is our annual anniversary offering to you which we celebrate with India’s 50 Most Beautiful list. For us, beauty has never just been about appearances. For beauty to be meaningful and inspirational, it has to be backed with talent, success, hard work and charisma. The team at Hi! put the list together with passion and dedication and it shows in the final product. Heading our Beautiful list is the brave and feisty Priyanka Chopra, whose package of Bollywood glamour, street smart skills and seamlessly evolving acting talent have made her the star she is.

Happy Diwali to all of you. May Goddess Laskhmi shower you with infinite blessings.

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This article first appeared in November 2012 issue of Hi! BLITZ magazine

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