Issue: April 2013

55 by Chetan Chhatwal

  • 55 by Chetan Chhatwal

This is a young, gross-out comedy about living and studying in ‘the asshole of the world’—the crazy and chaotic city of Delhi.

Arjun Singh is a typical hormonal 19-year-old living a pampered life in South Delhi. He dreams of making out with his maid as soon as he wakes up and when not, dips into his porn stash of Russian women for relief. He’s happily viewing the world through rose-tinted glasses until he’s forced to face reality. Receiving a low 55 in his English board exams crash his dreams of studying at the prestigious St Stephen’s College and instead Arjun is forced to seek admission in a B-grade college.

Here, not only does he have to manoeuvre his way amongst ragging seniors but he also has to face the dismal state of the university faculties (notably the stinking loos). Luckily for him his three best friends—Partho, Pandit and Rish are also in the same college, and then everything changes for Arjun once he meets Radha, the gorgeous vision who comes to work for his mother’s interior design business.

Filled with sentences laced with wicked humour, the kind that often force you to emit a chuckle or smile (and occasional eye-bulge!), this is an entertaining campus read doused with plenty of seriously madcap toilet humour!

Publisher: Random House India; Genre: Fiction; Price: R150

Text: Farhad J Dadyburjor

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