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Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond / Starring Dominic Cooper- TV Review

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Was one of the most famous fictional characters a hyperbolic portrayal of its author? This four-episode mini-series is an audacious biopic on the life of Ian Fleming before Bond.

Shot like a 007 thriller, it begins with a woman in a red bikini swimming in a tranquil ocean when suddenly she encounters a man with a speargun who takes aim, fires...and the screen turns red. Unlike spy thrillers though no one is dead, unless you count the octopus on Ian Fleming’s (Dominic Cooper) speargun. It is 1952, and Ian and his wife Ann O’Neill (played by Lara Pulver of Sherlock fame) are on their honeymoon, where we see him penning Casino Royale.

The story then rewinds to 1939 and World War II. Ian, a supposed stockbroker and notorious womaniser, lives in the shadow of his brother Peter, a famous author. His overbearing mother manages to get him a job in Naval Intelligence where he works his charm on his superiors and colleagues (do we see shades of M and Moneypenny here?!) with his espionage concepts and quirky gadgets. In the midst of this is Ian’s growing obsession with Ann, whose husband is off at war and who’s having an affair in London. 

An adventurous, kinky and entertaining biopic too glamorously dramatised to be taken seriously.

Creators: John Brownlow and Don Macpherson; 
Genre: Biopic

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