Issue: Aug 2012

Origins of Love / Kishwar Desai

  • Kishwar Desai

Origins of Love tackles a subject matter that’s very now. Sperm donation.

It recently became a topic of mainstream chatter with the Bollywood hit Vicky Donor and IVF has been in the news with several high-profile celebrities openly going ahead with this form of fertilisation.

So, at an in-demand fertility clinic in Delhi, when baby Amelia, a product of IVF, is born HIV-positive and her surrogate parents are killed in an accident, social worker Simran Singh takes it upon herself to investigate how the baby acquired the fatal illness. Several miles away in London, Kate and Ben are desperate to have a baby after several miscarriages. Kate’s last hope leads her to the Delhi clinic in search of a surrogate.

Weaving in a mystery that involves crooked doctors, corrupt officials, plenty of emotional anguish and ethical dilemmas, Kishwar Desai’s novel aims to expose the million-dollar racket that operates in the name of surrogacy.

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This article first appeared in August 2012 issue of Hi! BLITZ magazine

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