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Paramore / Paramore- Music Review

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With their uniquely different musical style—some call it ‘power pop’, others say ‘pop punk’—Paramore has been burning up the music charts recently. 

Of late, you might have heard a lot from them on the airwaves. But Paramore is not a new group—this is in fact their fourth album. Hailing from Franklin, Tennessee, this all-American alternative rock band was formed in 2004. Their debut album All We Know Is Falling was released in 2005, followed by Riot! in 2007 and Brand New Eyes in 2009. While they received moderate success with those, it is really their fourth self-titled album that has brought them the mega worldwide attention they were looking for, becoming the number one album in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. Interestingly, this album sees the departure of two of the founding members and has been pegged as Paramore’s ‘reintroduction’.

Bursting with rebelliousness against love, the future and any form of conformism, the album opener perfectly sets the tone—Fast In My Car has thumping drums and angry kicking lyrics. Now follows in a similar vein, whereas Grow Up is a more fun track, much like Ain’t It Fun that has seen them peak on the charts with its cheeky rocking tone. Daydreaming sees Paramore go into a soft mode, Hate To See Your Heart Break is a sprawling pop ballad, whereas Still Into You shows off the strength of vocalist Hayley Williams. Overall a fun, fresh sound! 

Label: Virgin Records India; Genre: Alternative rock; 

Price: Rs.395

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