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The Frizz Fighter

With the onset of the monsoon, humidity is on the rise and so are your hair woes. Help is at hand. Presenting expert tips and products to tame your mane and keep it frizz-free this season.

Statistics show that on an average a woman spends almost two years of her life tending to her hair. Of course, given that most statistics are made up on the spot (no, we didn’t think up this one), we wager the timeline is considerably higher, especially during the monsoon, when we spend the better part of the morning combating frizz. But frizzy hair need not loom large this season—here are some tips to smoothen out your hair woes:

The Art of Shampooing

It is a well-known fact that shampoos tend to strip the hair of natural oils, which are great frizz fighters. That said, you can’t possibly leave your hair unwashed the entire monsoon. The trick is to stretch out your washing routine—lather up just a couple of times a week. In the meantime, use a dry shampoo in between washes to keep your hair from looking like an oily mess. Toni & Guy’s Refresh-It Dry Shampoo has a lightweight formula that revives all hair types, refreshes your style and boosts volume.

One of the main causes of frizz is lack of moisture. Invest in a good moisturising shampoo. Look out for brands that specifically cater to frizzy hair, like the BC Bonacure Smooth & Shine Shampoo from Schwarzkopf Professional, which cleanses and smoothens frizzy hair by rebalancing its moisture levels.

Choose the Best Conditioner

As with the shampoo, your conditioner too needs to moisturise your tresses. A lesson in monsoon’s frizz trigger: dry hair sucks in moisture from the humid air, which causes the hair shaft to puff up and frizz. A good conditioner prevents this from happening by sealing in the extra moisture.

Expert tip: Before conditioning your hair, gently squeeze out as much water as possible. Apply the conditioner, then use a wide-toothed comb to make sure it spreads evenly and coats all your locks.

The Cold and Dry Anti-frizz Secret

A cold rinse, after shampooing and conditioning, smoothens your hair cuticles and prevents humidity from causing havoc. Also, never ever leave the house with your hair damp—anything short of absolutely dry hair tends to frizz up quickly.

Mask Away Frizz

Every single hairstylist recommends using a deep conditioner at least once a week for healthy hair. This season, load up on the deep conditioner or mask at least twice a week. We love Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care Repair Mask for its ability to restore softness and enhance shine. Its revolutionary vita-oils nourish the hair from deep within, repairing damage.

Natural Anti-frizz Remedies

“Tame your frizz by applying a mask of olive oil, cucumber and egg for ten minutes before washing it off,” says ultimate wellbeing specialist, Akcelina Cvijetic. “Rinse with rosemary or sage tea to add bounce and vitality!”

Get Extra Protection

Leave-in conditioners, serums, styling gels and mousses tend to form a protective coat over your hair, giving it an extra shot of moisture and shine. Most hairstylists swear by the ultra-light formula of Moroccanoil—this reviving, hydrating and detangling wonder is instantly absorbed by the hair, resulting in a natural, shiny, silky finish.

However, be careful not to suffocate your tresses with an overdose of product. This will have an inverse effect, make your hair oily, in need of a wash, and back to frizzy. If styling products are your everyday saviour, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo once a week to prevent product build-up.

Comb Instead of Brushing

This is the season to relegate all your styling brushes to the back of your beauty drawer. Towel-dry your hair gently (blot, instead of rubbing) and use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to untangle those pesky knots. If you absolutely must use a brush, buy one that contains boar bristles, which is especially effective on unruly hair.

Spritz Before Styling

Before you go anywhere near a hair dryer, curling rod or flat iron, spritz on some leave-in conditioner or serum. The reason: heat styling can promote frizz; coating your hair with product ensures the strand isn’t affected and the hair stays smooth. Try the Iron In—Thermal Styling Mist from Matrix’s Design Pulse range. It protects the hair from heat styling up to 204°C and allows you long-lasting hairstyles with minimal effort.

Get a Massage

An oil massage increases blood circulation, helping your hair stay strong and healthy. “Raw coconut oil is a wonderful natural anti-frizz remedy,” claims Akcelina. Get a hot oil treatment once a week. Also, go in for a professional conditioning treatment once a month—these treatments work at reviving your hair of any dryness and keeping it healthy.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

Carry a hair cream in your handbag, so you can apply whenever necessary to stop frizz from ruining your hairstyle. L’Oreal Professionnel’s Liss Ultime Leave-in Cream is perfect for nourishing and taming thick, frizzy, rebellious hair. Also, we are addicted to John Frieda’s Full Repair Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer. This product is especially great for occasions when you’ve tied your hair in a high pony or an elegant updo. It comes with a mascara-like wand to tame your frizzy hairline or any unruly wisps, and is small enough to take with you everywhere.

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